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Histological dating endometrium

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Fertility potential is taken for granted by most men and women.For women and their partners who experience difficulties conceiving, efficient, effective methods to evaluate fertility status are required.The report should be conclusive where possible, indicating when the appearances are consistent with a specific diagnosis.

No conclusive evidence of age related histological changes in the endometrium.It may be appropriate, depending on local practice, to suggest further investigations which may clarify the diagnosis. Gestation sac volume 0.4mls, equivalent to 5 weeks. Normal appearances with measurements in agreement with recent positive pregnancy test. These include other imaging modalities such as a plain X-ray, CT, MRI or invasive procedures. Appointment made to rescan in 10 days to assess presence of embryo, heart pulsations and therefore an ongoing pregnancy. They may also be concerned about the length of time needed to conceive especially as women postpone conception beyond the age of optimal fertility into advanced reproductive ages.Ultrasonographic imaging is an effective, easy to use, safe, and readily available noninvasive means to evaluate fertility potential.Zagazig University Hospitals, Egypt Correspondence and reprint requests: Dr. El Nashar, Althawra St., Mansoura, Fax: 0502331911, email: [email protected] on May 19, 2003; revised and accepted on September 10, 2003 Code Number: mf04003 ABSTRACT Embryo implantation depends on the quality of the ovum and endometrial receptivity.