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They are formed by substances in the bile, primarily bile pigments and cholesterol. Important in gallstone development is how often and how well the gallbladder contracts to empty out bile.

If the bile does not completely empty then it can become over concentrated, causing crystals to form, leading to stone formation.

There she is in grainy home-video footage with her female chums with a smattering of adolescent acne on her fresh face, innocently sucking on a lollipop and throatily belting out the sing-song refrain of “Happy Birthday” as if she were possessed by the spirit of an ancient R&B diva.

This is the Amy Winehouse few of us ever got to witness, radiating cheeky self-confidence and finding joy in sharing her considerable gifts.

Some complain of stiffness and tightness, others of numbness and weakness.

Back pain can be referred to and from other parts of the body, due to the huge network of interconnected nerve pathways in the lower back, hips, and thighs.

Neuropathic pain is often burning or stabbing, while nocioceptive pain is felt as a dull ache or pressure.

Science does not yet have a way to reliably detect or measure this energy nor do the inane “ghostbusters” on TV shows.The liver can produce as much as three cups of bile in one day. The gallbladder may develop a single, often large stone, or many (hundreds) of small stones.Gallstones are pieces of solid material that form in the gallbladder. They are usually white or yellow and account for about 80% of all gallstones. It is believed that gallstone formation is influenced by a number of factors, including: Cholesterol gallstones develop when bile contains too much cholesterol and not enough bile salts.Also, important is the presence of proteins in the liver and bile that either can assist or limit cholesterol crystallization into gallstones.Other factors also play a role in gallstone formation, however it is not clear how.Each year half of all working Americans acknowledge having back pain symptoms, and it is the second leading cause for both doctor visits and lost days at work - following only upper respiratory infections.